Skylake home small
peace in the wild small
Violence craves an audience small
close and personal small
communicating in silence small
Entitlement blinds small
Painta! Painta! small
mystic haze small
the earth is small
Engine that purrs small
regret small
too busy to care small
congratulations asshole small
accomplice small
thoughts of death small
untarnished attitude small
space is the image small
Be a cure small
Kenora in my 20's small
knowing nothing small
self portrait 30's small
planned obsolescence small
 one gun against many without small
 business is business small
impenetrable barrier small
container full of anger small
degree of clarity small
ripple effect small
Waiting and wanting small
stop and reflect small
subliminal messaging small
self righteousness small
forgive yourself small
dilemma small
Take hold of my hand small